Wouldn’t it be nice …

There’s an old Beach Boys song “Wouldn’t it be nice” that talks about how nice it would be if he and his girl were older. It’s a great song and you can listen to it here Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it be Nice

In our medical practices – Wouldn’t it be nice

  • to have an EHR that’s not frustrating the doctor and slowing him down
  • to have the EHR help the doctor document all aspects of the patient encounter
  • if the doctor could focus solely on practicing medicine and not worry about coding, billing and cash flow
  • the office staff had a real-time view of the patients insurance situation and could respond appropriately as needed
  • to allow patients to interact with the practice the way they’re most comfortable

In a lot of cases, EHR, Practice Management (PM), Clearinghouses and Patient Portal have been build by different vendors and cobbled together to run a practice. The Practice Management systems are focused on billers and have barely enough functionality for the doctor to know where his practice stands. The EHR needed to integrate with the PM and were built to help with billing so they make the doctors life miserable as he tries to document the encounter.  Clearinghouses are separate and called when something needs to be billed, but are not integrated into the practices workflow, and Patient Portals and online payment systems are not integrated so they cause a lot of extra work by the office staff.
This scenario is all too common and is running in a lot of practices today.

Wouldn’t it be REALLY nice if all elements that are needed to run a practice were in an totally integrated solution. No double entry of data. No doctors working late into the night to get charting done. No missed patients calls because we were taking a payment over the phone, or trying to clear up an insurance issue.

Imagine patients paying online and the payment were credited directly to their account without staff intervention. Imagine doctors closing out a chart a couple of minutes after they’ve left one patient on their way to the next. Picture the Clearinghouse an integral part of the workflow and being used check eligibility and to set up the patients chart so you know everything is right when it’s time to bill.

Fully integrated systems that are used to run a practice provide ease of use, streamlined processes and a lot less headaches than a lot of the systems out there. They are worth searching for. Check out 5 habits of performing medical practices.

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