Curis Partners

At Curis Partners we provide in-home Health Risk Assessments to evaluate and document a patient’s health as well as any SDOH (social determinants of health) factors. To support the complete cycle, we needed the chart to be accurately and exhaustively coded to report a patient’s health to our client.

Credible RCM Services codes an exhaustive list of all ICD-10 and CPT codes as documented on our charts.  We use the coding along with our proprietary Curis Score, a social health risk determinant, to stratify patients into risk categories.  We send referrals to our client for them to coordinate and improve health outcomes for high risk patients.

The coding service we receive from Credible RCM is accurate, complete and responsive, ensuring our clients receive accurate, actionable information to help care for their patient populations.

Credible RCM was able to seamlessly integrate into our “Touch-less” process to help keep our costs down and improve our customer service.

Scott Petersen – CIO at Curis Partners, LLC