5 Habits of High-Performing Medical Practices

There is a widening gap between medical practices in the U.S.

Some are falling behind – feeling that regulatory pressure and technology change is getting too much to overcome. Many others are growing rapidly – finding opportunities for expansion in an uncertain market.

What sets the two groups apart? In a study of 2000 practices in spring of 2017 they found 5 categories that make a difference between those that are “High-Performers” and those that are “Falling-Behind”.

  1. Happy Physicians – strongest correlation to practices success was physician satisfaction. Almost 10 times higher satisfaction in High-Performing practices.
  2. Realism – High-Performing practices have a plan for value-based care and have a realistic assessment of the challenges facing practices today.
  3. Listening to Patients – More than 80% of High-Performing practices gather and act on patient feedback.
  4. Planning Ahead – High-Performing practices are almost twice as likely to have a plan in place for the transition to value-based care and almost twice as likely to be ready for MACRA incentive this year as compared to Falling-Behind practices.
  5. Gearing Up – Health technology goes way beyond EHRs for High-Performing practices. These successful groups are embracing patient portals, advanced population health analytics, telemedicine, iPad-based intake forms and check-in kiosks.


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Link to Full Article:  http://www.physicianspractice.com/blog/5-habits-high-performing-medical-practices?GUID=DF8BD18B-3A86-46F0-A3E0-D238DC4FA9B2&rememberme=1&ts=01092017

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