Independent Docs Optimistic about the Future

I had an interesting week with two significant events that were very eye opening.

  1. I was traveling to Detroit and sat next to a CMS RAC auditor. She was on her way to a week long¬† auditor training session in Virginia she was presenting. Our discussion centered around independent medical practices and the challenges of proper coding for reimbursement. Her most telling comment was “I don’t know how practices stay on top of all the changes required to get properly reimbursed.”
  2. I became aware of a group who hadn’t received coding results in more than a week due to computer difficulties. The financial side of a practice is so important. It was great to offer them help in the way of backlog coding.

In many cases the independent medical practice is suffering from death by 1000 cuts as they deal with coding and billing and all the little challenges that come every day. They do all this while under the watchful eye of CMS. While I was thinking about these events, I came across this article on the optimism of the independent doctor.

There are many challenges that face the independent doctor. I happy to see their resilience as reported in this survey. I’m excited to have the opportunity to serve them and help them.

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