Common Question about Credible RCM Services -

What is Credible RCM's philosohy?

We believe that efficiency and profitability are gained by having an expert work on each step in the patient encounter. Whether it's helping a patient feel comfortable when they arrive, treating the patient, or dealing with accuracy and completeness in coding and billing of the encounter, an expert is needed at each step. Doctors are experts in taking care of their patients, we are experts at practice efficiency and complete and fair returns.

What can we expect from working with Credible RCM?

We look at ways to make your practice more efficient and profitable. We help our clients get past the "it's always been done that way" to find the most efficient ways to run their practice.
In most cases we:

  • Increase revenue to the practice
  • Simplify the front office process
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Reduce doctors charting time

Free no cost/no obligations practice assessment?

There is no cost or obligation to our practice assessment. We look to understand your practice before we we talk about what we can do for you. There's never a cost until we show how we can help.

What aspects of the practice do you analyze?

We look at all aspects of a medical practice including patient acquisition, patient visits, and patient engagement. We check on billing and payment efficiency . We also look at HIPAA compliance, credentialing and patient satisfaction. The focus of the analysis is to uncoverĀ  inefficient processes and revenue leakage and apply solutions to recover all revenue due the practice.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We're always available to make your practice a success. We believe in the personal touch so we will be in regular contact to continually enhance the service we provide to ensure your success.

What specialties are you focused on?

We have an extensive list of specialties that have pre-loaded workflows and processes. It is also extremely easy to customize the system to your specific needs. Our billing and coding teams have specialty specific coding and billing experience.

What sets us apart from other offerings?

We are focused on the full cycle of revenue and keeping a practice healthy and financially strong. We don't just do billing. We have offerings that are specific to each step in the revenue cycle from patient acquisition to treatment to coding and billing to patient appreciation and satisfaction. We truly are a full service Revenue Cycle Management company.