Helping Medical Practice THRIVE

Sometimes it feels like the independent medical practice is under attack. It comes from all sides. Constant updates to payer rules, Medicare programs always changing, and insurance payment programs shifting payment responsibility all increase the difficulty of remaining cash flow positive.

Medical practitioners are well trained in caring for patients, but usually run their practices based on "it's always been done that way", or on recommendations from others in the field that have had the same limited training in running a business.

At Credible RCM Services, we are Certified Medical Revenue Manager. We help practices with expert advice in running a practice and gaining maximum efficiency. We understand that each practice is unique and have processes that need to be streamlined for them. For that reason, we always start our interaction understanding the uniqueness of the practice.  We then provide recommendations on how the practice can be more streamlined and profitable.

Our unique advantages include:
1. System that streamlines all aspects of the medical practice.
2. Practice Management/EHR that doctors actually like and helps them be more efficient.
3. Dedicated resources keeping tabs on industry trends so you're on top of industry changes.
4. Improved cash-flow and a better bottom-line.

We are a unique consulting service which is part of the nations largest network of Certified Medical Revenue Managers. We look at all aspects of the revenue cycle. We help you maximize every step.

Practice Profitability is enhanced by better processes

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